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Frequently Asked Questions

How many points will my credit score go up and how long will it take?

From our previous experiences, we’ve seen scores move 30-50 points at times within 20 business days. But, you will certainly see a move within 60 days after 2 rent payments have been reported to the bureaus.

Can you report past rent payments with different landlords?

Yes, we can report past rents up to 24 months with different landlords.

How can I check if my rent payment is being reported?

You can check your rent payment by seeing it in your credit report along with your other tradelines.

Since you report on-time rent payments, do you also report late payments??

Yes, but your payment is only considered late by the credit bureaus after 30 days. The 5 or 10 days late is usually based on your lease agreement with your landlord and is not reported to the credit bureaus.

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