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Meet our Team

Luis Gaurano, MBA, CEO Co-Founder. Credit Expert, 35+ years enterprenuer

Eric Pino, CTO
20+ years experience

Travis Agle, CPA CFO 20+ years in practice.

Chris Corley, Co-founder Real Estate Broker in 2 States

Geil Bilu, JD, In-house Attorney, 18+ years experience

Bradley Gaurano, COO Business Development Video Producer/Director

Our Story

Twelve years ago, co-founders Luis and Chris, were sitting on the beach and Chris asked Luis, “why aren’t on-time rent payments reported to the credit bureaus, and only the late rent payments are reported?” Luis and Chris agreed that this wasn’t right. So, after two years of hard work, they created the tenant credit builder program. As it was about to launch, the two founders came into personal problems, with one getting a divorce and the other encountering health issues. And today, after much hardship, the founders have started Koi.Credit and watch out for all the copy cats out there. They are one of the original founders in creating this industry.

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